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The Challenge

Seattle, renowned for its deep basketball culture and housing a roster of present NBA stars, faced an intriguing juncture: an absence of a local professional basketball team and the unfortunate halt of Hoopfest – the globe's largest basketball tournament, held in Spokane, Washington. Driven by our passion for basketball and marking our debut event, we saw this as an opportunity to create an impact for the community.

Collaborating with the City of Renton and mobilizing local food trucks in support, we birthed Splashfest. The 3-on-3 tournament was an assembly of athletes, enthusiasts, and families, crafting an unforgettable day of basketball. Splashfest transcended the realm of a typical sports event, blossoming into an endearing celebration of community and an abiding passion for basketball. A living testament to our dedication, the experience illustrates our commitment to fostering unity through extraordinary and impactful experiences.

The Solution

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